Sumdog Challenge

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Please click on the following link to find more information about the Sumdog Challenge

Agenda for Parent Council Meeting

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There will be a Parent Council meeting on Friday 9 December, 9.30am – 11.30am. Please go to the full post for the Agenda.

Raffle: International Night 2016 Unclaimed Prizes

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There are a number of prizes to be claimed for from the Parent Council International Night raffle. Please go to the Office with your ticket to collect. Full list of tickets and prizes.

Newsletters Now Online

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We’re delighted to post our first newsletter and calendar for parents to access online. This should be an efficient way to access important information and have an archive to consult if necessary.


Newsletter November 2016

December Calendar of Events

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

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The minutes for the Parent Council Meeting on the 5th  October 2016 are now available to view.

Link: 5th October 2016 Parent Council Minutes

Den Building & Free Play

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Den Building & Free Play

Our  den-building and free play sessions in ‘The Hillhead Wood’ continue this term. The sessions lead by our committed Outdoor Learning Parent Team promote a love of the outdoors, increase co-operation and develop team-working skills. As you can see from the faces of our P3 pupils the sessions also involve lots of fun! Please click on the thumbnails below to see […]

Back to Front Day

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Our annual school fundraiser took place on Thursday 24th March and followed a Back to Front theme. Each child was asked to seek sponsorship for taking part in a number of challenges including wearing a label with their name written backwards, reciting days of the week, months of the year, the alphabet , times tables […]

Maryhill Foodbank Collection

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Maryhill Foodbank Collection

Pupils, parents and staff at Hillhead Primary School have been making contributions for Maryhill Foodbank over the past couple of weeks. The collection was picked up last Friday in time for Christmas. Thanks to all involved!

Minutes Parent Council

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The minutes from the Parent Council meeting on the 13th June are now available to download.

Download as a pdf: PC Minutes from the 13th June 2014

Uniform Guide 2014

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Uniform Guide 2014

The latest information sheet on uniforms is now ready. The Parent Council have put together details on the uniforms, including the pricelist, as well as all key dates for ordering. It is available in this downloadable pdf.

Link: Download Uniform Guide 2014