Nut Allergies – Important

Posted on Oct 8, 2014 in Latest News | No Comments

We have several children throughout the school who have an ALLERGY TO PEANUTS. This is a serious condition and they carry medication at all times. The relevant school staff are aware of the signs and symptoms of this condition and procedures have been established should treatment be required.

The children have been told not to accept snacks or items from packed lunches from their friends and classmates. However this is a major responsibility for them and for their classmates. I would ask you to help us by ensuring that you children DO NOT BRING NUTS OF ANY KIND, or food containing nuts to school including chocolate spreads.

I appreciate that this may inconvenience some of our children who may enjoy nuts as a snack. However, given the serious potential consequences for the children with the nut allergy coming into contact with nuts I am sure all parents will support us with their co-operation.

We will, along with their parents, be reinforcing with the children concerned that they should never accept food or sweets from other children or adults.

We will be discouraging all children from sharing their snacks or packed lunches and I hope you will support us by talking about this at home. Please stress to your children that they are not being unkind by not sharing their food but that it is a necessary precaution to prevent some children becoming very ill and that they are actually acting in a very responsible way.

Than you for your co-operation with this.