Who we are. What we do.

Some our members on a zoom call, February 2021!

The Parent Council aims to promote a partnership between the school, its pupils and all our parents or carers. Our objectives are:

  • to develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of pupils.
  • to identify and represent the views of parents or carers on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of pupils.
  • to promote parental or carers’ involvement in their child’s education and learning.
  • to enable parents or carers to share ideas, interests and skills for the benefit of the school.

Read the Parent Council constitution.


  • 📣 Parent Forum: Every parent/carer with a child at the School is part of the ‘Parent Forum’ (the name for our community). The Parent Council sends out regular emails to the Forum mailing list, giving news and updates. You can see the sort thing below. If you would like to join this email list, and receive notice of Parent Council meetings, please email: hillheadprimaryparentcouncil@gmail.com
  • 🐝 Hillhead Hive: this is a network of WhatsApp Groups. Each class has a group. One member in each is the Hive contact, who links up with all the other classes and the Council. We started this recently and have found it’s a great way to collect feedback, share updates and make connections. If you would like to join a What’s App Group for your class, please contact office@hillhead-pri.glasgow.sch.uk to be put in touch.
  • 🤝 Parent Council: this is a group of up to 25 parents/carers who represent the Parent Forum in working with the School across a range of activities. We meet monthly, currently on Zoom, on the 4th Thursday of every month. We meet at 6pm, 6pm, 11am on a 3-monthly cycle. Everyone on the Parent Forum is invited to attend these meetings if they wish. 
  • Parent Council Sub Groups: we have several subgroups working on specific issues. Anyone is welcome to join these groups (you don’t have to sit on the Parent Council). Some people like to join a group to be involved with the School in a more focused way. Our subgroups right now are:
  • Active Hillhead (for promoting sport and exercise at the School)
  • ️ Eco Group
  • 🌅 Equality and Diversity
  • Fundraising
  • 🚲🚗 Road Safety and Transport
  • 👕 Uniforms (including running sales)

Current Office Holders, 2021:

  • Chair: Rhian Williams
  • Secretary: Noy Basu
  • Treasurer: Marianne Stark

If you are interested in hearing more about joining the Parent Council, or more about any of these groups, please email us hillheadprimaryparentcouncil@gmail.com

You can access all of our minutes here: Hillhead Primary Parent Council Minutes