Website Launched

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Latest News, Parent Council News

Welcome to the new Hillhead Primary School website. The idea for a new website was put forward at one of our Parent Council Meetings back in January 2012 where one of our parents offered to help set one up.

A period of consultation, research and development has since followed, looking at issues ranging from good practice guidelines for appropriate content on a school website, through to the best way to develop and design a site in order for school staff to update it independently.

Much research was conducted to establish exactly what should and should not be included on a school site. Decisions was taken in a balanced manner in order to reach a solution of a workable, useful website for both current and future parents with children’s interests at the forefront. The school and the Parent Council web group have worked together in developing a code of practice. This gives guidelines on content inclusion for all contributors to reference. Please go here if you wish to read the full site policy.

Our website survey generated a lot of useful responses which we thank everyone for. The website has involved a lot of content generation, checking and re-checking during the process of building the pages. As well as all the school information, content was generated and received  from specific groups such as the uniform group in the Parent Council, Fairtrade Pupil Committee and all the other Pupil groups. Photographs were sourced, taken, edited, approved.

Yet, this is but the beginning of the new school website here at Hillhead Primary. What we are aiming for is a vibrant and evolving site which will keep parents updated with news from the School Office and Teaching Staff, Pupil Groups and the Parent Council.

Hope you enjoy it!


Any queries regarding the website design and development can be sent to the parent who designed it via the Parent Council email. Any matters for the school to address should be directed via the Office.