We offer a number of after school clubs throughout the year ranging from Homework Clubs to Sports Coaching. Letters and details are issued to the stages involved.

When organising sports coaching, we liaise with our Active Schools Co-coordinator, Grant Allison, utilising staff expertise or sourcing coaches to deliver the clubs.

The new clubs starting in October 2018 are as follows:


Primary 6&7 Dance

School Football Team with Mr Sinclair

Primary 7 Athletics with Mr Garry


Primary 3 Football

Primary 2 Multisport


Primary 2 Positive Play Lunchtime Club with Mrs Henderson

Primary 6 Yoga with Ms Lancaster

Primary 5 Team Games with Ms Thomson


Primary 7 Handball with Mr Cuellar

Girls’ Football Team with Miss Dunn


Primary 4 Taekwondo

Further Information

Dates for clubs in Term 2:

P6/7 Dance:  3.10-4.10pm, 22nd October to 26th November 2018 – Dinner Hall

P7 Athletics: 3.10-4.10pm, 22nd October to 19th November 2018 – Games Hall

P3 Football:  3.10-4.10pm, 23rd October to 27th November 2018 – Games Hall

P2 Multisport:     3.10-4.10pm, 23rd October to 13th November 2018 – Dinner Hall

P6 Yoga: 3.10-4.10pm, 24th October to 21st November 2018 – Dinner Hall

P5 Team Games: 3.10-4.10pm, 21st November to 12th December 2018- Games Hall

P2 Positive Play: Lunchtimes, 24th October to 14th November 2018 – Games Hall

P7 Handball: 3.10-4.10pm, Week beginning 3rd September until June 2019 – Games Hall

P4 Taekwando: 3.10-4.10pm, 26th October to 30th November 2018 – Games Hall

Girls Football Team: 3.10-4.30pm, Week beginning 3rd September until June 2019 – Astro Pitch in Kelvingrove Park

School Football Teams: 3.10-4.30pm, Week beginning 3rd September until June 2019 – Astro Pitch in Kelvingrove Park


Can parents please collect children who are attending clubs in the Games Hall from the gate to the ‘Piazza’ playground on Gibson Street beside the clock tower.

Children attending the Football Team Clubs can be collected from the Astro Pitch at 4.35pm or from the Main Entrance to the school on Gibson Street at 4.45pm.