We offer a number of after school clubs throughout the year ranging from Homework Clubs to Sports Coaching. Letters and details are issued to the stages involved.

When organising sports coaching, we liaise with our Active Schools Co-coordinator, Phil Rawnsley, utilising staff expertise or sourcing coaches to deliver the clubs.


Primary 7 Football


Primary 4 and 5: Drama with Fionnuala Featherstone (In St Silas church hall; more information below)


Primary 5 Irish Country Dancing


Primary 5 Running


Primary 6 and 7: Drama with Fionnuala Featherstone

Further Information
Drama Classes

Drama Classes run from P3 to P7 with a senior and a junior group. See below for days and times. There is a charge of £48 per 8 week block but there is also an allocation of free or concessionary for families on benefits. Classes run throughout the year.

Check out our new gallery of photos on this page to see some of the things we do!

New Members Welcome.

If your son or daughter would like to join they can come for a free session to sample the class without committing to the full block. It is important that the children feel they are happy and motivated members of the group.


The classes are taken by Fionnuala (Fin-oo-la) Featherstone who is an experienced GTC registered drama teacher. Call on 0141 332 0262 or e-mail to fionnualafeatherstone@yahoo.co.uk

Where and when?

 Senior classes, P6 & 7, take place in the media suite/library immediately after Friday afternoon school. Fionnuala assembles the group in the social space at 3.10 and takes pupils to the media suite. See below for pick up times and days according to age group.

Junior classes, P3-P5, are at St Silas church on a Tuesday. Fionnuala collects pupils from the social space at 3.10 and, with the kind help of Susie Haigh, leads them to St Silas Church hall. Pick up is from the church hall at 4.30.  Thanks to St Silas for accommodating the school group at a preferential rate. We have been made to feel very welcome.

 * Sometimes a pupil or pupils can be accommodated in a class with an older brother or sister. I am willing to give this a go so long as both siblings are comfortable with the arrangement.


The aim of the class is to allow pupils to explore themes and ideas through drama. The pupils also learn drama skills in movement and voice as well as theatre crafts like directing. Most importantly, children are encouraged to work imaginatively and co-operatively. This allows children to develop confidence in their own ability to be creative and resourceful. The way we work is also designed to encourage respect for others and inclusivity. We have a lot of fun devising and performing our work.

Why isn’t it free?

I am a professional teacher who has chosen to work on a freelance basis. Basically this means that instead of taking a supply job in a school far from home I can focus on working to provide extra-curricular drama to a very high standard in a school where I feel a deep sense of commitment. I self-fund my continuing professional development, last year I attended courses in teaching movement at primary level in a Curriculum for Excellence and in Child Protection. I provide classes three days a week and spend many hours outside of drama time preparing work for the classes. It would be impossible for me to provide this and sustain working hours elsewhere.

Some Classes are free!

There is an allocation of free or concessionary places for families who receive benefits. Please contact me if you wish to know more about this. I have also provided free classes for P7 where we use the drama studio at Hilhead High. I hope to do this again this year if the space is available.


Our gallery shows the junior class creating ‘living statues’ or tableaux. The themes used were: War, Peace, Family and Sports. The results were very moving.

The senior class pictures show rehearsals for our play, devised by the group and performed in the drama studio at Hillhead High. The show was called Green Sands Island and certificates were awarded to the cast for their hard work, creativity and imagination.



Drama 1  Drama 2

Drama 3  Drama 4  Drama 5
Please e-mail: fionnualafeatherstone@yahoo.co.uk for any further information.