Calendar of Events May-June 2015

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Calendar of Events May- June 2015

Hillhead Primary School


Monday 4th May
  • Holiday


Thursday 7th May
  • In-Service day


Monday 11th May
  • P6 Trip
Monday 11th – 15th May
  • P7 Ardentinny Trip


Tuesday 12th May
  • P4 Trip Kelburn Country Park
Wednesday 13th May
  • P5 Trip Five Sisters’ Zoo
Saturday 16th May
  • Parent Council Spring Fair

12 – 3.00pm

Monday18th-21st May
  • P7 Hillhead High School


Friday 22nd May
  • Holiday
Monday 25th May
  • Holiday
Thursday 4th June
  • P1 Induction Day 9.30-10.45 am
Tuesday 9th June
  • P1 trip Almond Valley
  • P2 trip Blair Drummond
  • Dress rehearsal upper school Show
Wednesday 10th June ·          Upper School Show – Afternoon Performance
Thursday 11th June

·         Upper School Show – Evening performance

·         P3 trip Heads of Ayr

Monday 15th June

·         Induction Day (2) 9.30-10.45am

·         P7 Sports PM

Tuesday 16th June ·         P1 and P3/4 Sports AM
Wednesday 17th June ·         P2 and P5/6 Sports Am
Thursday 18th June
  • Leavers Ceilidh – 6.00-8.00pm
Wednesday 24th June
  • School closes – 1.00pm
Tuesday 11th August
  • Staff return
Thursday 13th August
  • Pupils return