Call Out: Get Involved in the Parent Council!

Posted on Feb 6, 2017 in Latest News, Parent Council News | No Comments


We would like to take this opportunity to give information to all parents/ carers with children in Hillhead Primary school and extend an invitation for anyone who is interested in being involved in Parent Council activities to contact us.

The Parent Council is a group which meets to try to do as much to support the children’s education as possible. We organise events, support local charities, raise issues pertinent to the school and raise funds to help the school get equipment to allow the children to experience different activities. Some of the things we’ve been involved in organising, donating to and buying are:

• International Night – which over the years has raised more than £4000 for charity and the school.
• Rucksacks for outdoor play and improvements in the outdoor play area.
• Local Foodbanks and Friends of Arbat
• Campaign for Road Safety
• Consulted with Glasgow City Council and Karemore to try to increase numbers at afterschool and provision of holiday cover.

We are really keen to involve as many parents/ carers as possible in this group. We’re particularly keen to get parents carers from the younger age groups (P1 -3) more involved. You don’t have to be a member of the parent council but any support and participation from families is very much appreciated. As well as helping the children and the school this is a great way to meet other parents. Many of you have already helped with the Outdoor sessions, Golden Time activities and discos. Without your support these things would not happen.

We are putting out a call/ plea to all parents/ carers who would like to be more involved with our activities. Things which we are planning include:

• A Summer Fair in June
• P4/5 Disco in February
• P2/3 Evening event in April
• Parent Quiz night

If you are interested in our work and/ or getting involved in any capacity please contact us at the following email address or you can give your name/ contact details at the office and one of us will be in touch with you:

We look forward to hearing from you!