Eco News

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Eco News

We have recently updated our Eco Committee page with information on our environmental review and our eco codes. Please take some time to have a look.

Handy Link: Go to Eco Committee page

What we did in Eco Week

Also, here’s a roundup of what we did in eco week recently.

The school and its pupils worked closely with outside agencies to deepen knowledge and understanding of our planet and the environmental issues we face.

The children learned the importance of ‘reusing’ materials which were heading for recycling and landfill sites.

Pupils participated in community litter picks to help keep the school and local community tidy, and to prevent animals injuring themselves on litter which was thrown onto the ground.

Countryside Rangers raised the importance of keeping our parks clean and made children aware of the trees and wildlife which exist on our doorstep!

As a homework task, all 23 classes made junk models by ‘Reusing’ materials destined for recycling and landfill sites.

P4-7 pupils had a visit from ‘Reclaim.’ They made wallets out of tetra packs.