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 4 October 2013


Dear Parent/Carer

 Important Announcement

 We have seen a significant rise in the number of parents who are driving into Otago Street to either drop off or pick up their child.

 I am writing to you because I now believe that the safety of our children is being endangered by this selfish and unacceptable behaviour.

 In recent days I and other members of school staff have witnessed parents reverse towards groups of children who have exited from the Otago Gate.  We have witnessed several near misses where a pedestrian just missed being hit by a car.  We have also witnessed dangerous driving and illegal driving.

 We are not prepared to wait until one of our children is hit by a car or run over before action is taken.  We have taken the registration numbers of several of the offending cars and we are passing the details of one driver onto the police.

 We are completing incident report forms, and including the registration numbers of the cars involved, and sending these forms to Glasgow City Council Corporate Health and Safety.

 I have contacted Land Services and asked for an increase in the patrolling of Otago Street and surrounding areas by traffic wardens.

 We have a Parent Council meeting on Monday and traffic issues is an item on the agenda.

 However there is now a new urgency to this situation.

 We have moved beyond selfish and irresponsible actions which could jeopardise the continued provision of the Otago Street Gate.  We now have actions by adults that are putting our children’s safety at risk.

 Further action points will follow from the Parent Council meeting but I am urging all parents who are currently setting down or picking up children in Otago Street to stop this practice immediately.

 Yours sincerely

 Francis Donaghy

Head Teacher