June Newsletter

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‘What a Knight’ P4 – P7 Show

We hope you managed to see our Upper School spectacular What a Knight. Over six hundred parents attended our two school shows and many more saw the children perform at the Gibson Street Gala. Thank you to all who supported this.

This was a real team effort led by Lynsey Miller, Department Head, and supported by all teachers and support staff and a superb band of parents who designed and made our costumes. Thank you all! The children in this cast of thousands were brilliant! Every child in the upper school was involved and the quality of their singing and acting was excellent.

Well done boys and girls, every one is a star!

The show, following on from our infant show earlier in the year, demonstrates that we have built a successful community where every one can achieve.


Please note that to comply with the Council’s Health and Safety Policy all Earrings and other piercings along with jewellery must be removed before participating at PE.

The reason for drawing this to your attention is that new earrings require to be kept in place for several weeks before they can be removed.

If your child is going to be having their ears pierced this should be done at the start of the holidays so that when your child comes back to school in August she/he will be able to remove their earrings safely and be able to participate in PE immediately. We would ask that for piercing take place at the beginning of the Summer Holidays to minimalise disruption to children participating in PE.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.


The vast majority of parents would appear to have made their order for their child’s uniform online . This is quicker and cheaper – until the end of July you can select FREE ‘’Direct to school’’ delivery when you order online. More details in this recent news item.

Members of our Parent Council have very kindly agreed to come in to our School Gym Hall Monday 13th August between 9am and 11 am and Tuesday 14th August between 1pm and 3pm to organise the orders into classes and to oversee the pick up. Grateful thanks to them. They are also organising a Second Hand Uniform Stall on Tuesday 26th June. All details are on our events page.

You can hand in uniforms, provided they are clean and in good condition to the School Office from Friday 22nd June. There will be storage boxes outside the office. All money raised will go to school funds. The Parents will also display the Lost Property items for the last time before the end of session. Any unclaimed items will go for recycling. Please ensure you have a final check in our lost property before 26th June. Please also ensure all children’s clothing is identifiable.

If you will be sending your child’s current uniform to the Second Hand Uniform Stall your child will not be required to wear his / her uniform from Monday 25th June until the end of term.

Classes for Next Session and Staff for Next Session

A separate letter will follow on classes for next session. Please look out for it!


The school closes for the Summer holidays on Wednesday 27th June at 1pm. Only children entitled to a free school meal will be given a meal by the catering staff. All other children should either bring a packed lunch or wait until they go home at 1pm. Please ensure you pick your child up on time so that everyone can begin their holidays.

School reopens on Wednesday 15th August at 9am (9:30am for our new P1 children).

It has been an historic and eventful year. This time last year we were making our final preparations to say our good byes to our four schools.

Everyone – staff, pupils and parents have worked tremendously hard and shown very positive attitudes to build a new school, a community, on our beautiful location.

I want to publicly thank all of the staff for their support, their commitment their skill and expertise and the hard work they have put in this year. You definitely need and deserve your holidays. I want to thank the pupils who have been so adaptable and enthusiastic, who have worked so hard and who are a credit to their parents, themselves and our school.

We have had many, many high points this year but the ones that give us the greatest satisfaction are the fact that the children are achieving so well and the fact that so many new friendships have developed throughout the school.

We want to build on these successes next session and with your continued support and good will we can.

Thank you all very much for your support this year and for your patience and understanding as we established our new school. We are very grateful to all of you.

We wish you all a relaxing and very enjoyable break and look forward to seeing you again in August!

Best Wishes

Francis Donaghy

Head Teacher